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Figuring out who to contact to get your music played can be a size-able task so we started Get It Played to make it easy for you. We have gathered the contact information of over 3000+ radio stations, media, music blogs and playlist curators in an effort to help you Get Your Music Played!

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An extensive network of 3000+ media and radio contacts

Get It Played is the solution.

Media & Radio distribution packages serve as the perfect way for artists and labels to get the attention of major mainstream media. By reaching these genre-specific and mass communication outlets, this is the perfect opportunity for both seasoned artists and up-and-coming future stars to get their music seen by thousands of different publications & stations.

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The wonderful staff at Get It Played go above and beyond in their artist support. working with them got my single on several charts and garnered me a no. 1 video too!!! Thanks so much Get It Played!!
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We have an extensive network of media and radio contacts.

Our extensive list includes everywhere from top newspapers like The New York TImes and The Wall Street Journal, radio like Sirius XM and Spotify, all the way down to a comprehensive list of thousands of online media blogs. Once we handle the distribution, it will make it that much easier to land future coverage, as this will familiarize media with your music prior to pitching afterwards.

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